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Belagur in Hosadurga Taluk of Chitradurga District in Karnataka is a reknowned pilgrim centre where Sree Anjaneya was installed over 500 years ago by Vyasaraja Guru Saarvabhauma. This temple has become a centre for worship over the centuries and guiding its destinees at present and adding great lustre to it is Sree Bindu Madhava Sharma, an Upasaka and Avatar of Anjaneya.  The Swamiji has over the years has come to be known as Belagur Hanuman fulfilling the pious aspirations of the countless devotees seeking succour and sustenance at this shrine yearin and yearout.

The holy town of Belagur has been witness to the great deeds of Swamiji who out of his compassion is ever concerned and immersed in Lokakalyana through Dharmic means of meditation, worship, prayers, Yagnas and Yagas.  Round the clock feeding of the pilgrims who flock to the centre is a constant feature. Numberless seekers have partaken of the grace of Swamiji to find lasting solutions to their problems of life and are able to walk along the Dharmic path to all round fulfillments with renewed vigour and faith.


Sri Avadhootha Guru Shri Bindu Madhava Swamiji has dedicated his life with determination in the service of Lord Anjaneya (who has exhibited his Divinely bold power, by gracing solutions for the problems difficulties of several devotees of this land and granting fulfillment of their desires)of this sacred place
Swamiji, the knower of the supreme soul and who is ever-contemplating on Maruti, to execute the stupendous task of Kotirudra parayana and sangatayajna through the Guru.

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